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Elizabeth Sutton answers the Jews of NY questionnaire!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Meet Elizabeth Sutton @ElizabethSuttonCollection on Instagram is a super talented millennial “mom-preneur” and visual artist who has taken the nouveau arts scene by storm!⠀

What’s your favorite place in NY?⠀ Central Park. I was born and raised in New York my whole life between the boroughs of Brooklyn & Manhattan. Central Park has always been sacred to me. Throughout my life I have celebrated many occasions there with special people. Over the past 12 years living on the Upper East Side I especially enjoy being able to take my children there as well. ⠀ What’s your favorite Jewish Holiday?⠀ Sukkot, it especially reminds me of my grandmother who passed away when I was 13. She always used to host our family and we still honor her tradition with her hot dog soup and other famous menu items. ⠀

What’s your least favorite place in NY?

I Love everything about it and every area of NYC other than the Rat/Pigeon infestation.

What do you love about NY?

The culture, the diversity, the architecture, the food, the museums, the art, the shopping and I really love that there is a flourishing Jewish community!

What is your favorite Yiddish word?

Hemeishe, I am not so well versed in Yiddish vernacular but I am now looking for a 'hemeishe' guy ;-)

The last amazing NYC restaurant you have been to?

@RussAndDaughters in @TheJewishMuseum on the Upper East Side, I am definitely a bagel & lox kind of girl and shockingly I have not been there up until recently.

What do you love most about Judaism?

I love how family oriented the religion is and that the religion fosters hard work ethic as well as strong traditions and charity. I love the stringent against gossip as I believe gossip is one of the roots of many evils.

3 Jewish IG pages you recommend:


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