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Fauda is definitely a binge worthy TV show!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Did you know that the third season of @FaudaOfficial is NOW available on @Netflix?

If you’ve been living under a rock, this is a must binge Israeli TV show that tells the story of an undercover unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. Head over to our previous blogs to see more suggestions.

Photoshop Artist:@shinehorovits

Fauda (Arabic for “chaos”) was created by the Actor @LiorRaz, who also stars in the main roll, and by the Israeli journalist#AviIssacharoff.

In Season 3, Kavillio is deep undercover in the West Bank, posing as an Israeli Arab boxing instructor in a sports club belonging to a low-level Hamas member. Following numerous, deadly clashes with Hamas and a tragic incident that all but shatters the team’s morale, Doron and the team find themselves in unfamiliar territory: Gaza.

After retiring from the Israel Defense Force, Doron is working on a vineyard. He gets roped back into active duty, though, upon learning that an enemy who Doron thought his unit had killed is still alive and plans on attending his brother's wedding. Doron rejoins the IDF team with the intention of going undercover at the wedding, but the plan goes awry when the team's cover is blown. That sets into motion a chaotic chain of events and leads IDF into a manhunt to locate and kill the squad's target.

Enjoy and stay safe 🎥🍿@Jews_Of_NY


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