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Hunters is definitely a binge worthy TV show!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

While we are all in locked down at home we wanted to help you find a few binge worthy TV shows!

If you haven’t heard about @HuntersOnPrime do yourself a favor and watch this @AmazonPrimeVideo series!

Yes it’s bloody, has that uber crazy Tarantino vibe, full of action and suspense but it also tells the story of the holocaust, takes place in the nostalgic 1977 New York City, oh and Al Pacino is the star of it!

Hunters is not what you would expect from a series that is based on the atrocities of the holocaust. At times it feels like the holocaust is really just an excuse for the script writers to go crazy. It does tell in detail the painful and sick things that happened during the holocaust in flashbacks - but it’s mainly more an action series led by @LoganLerman who plays the role of Jonah Heidelbaum, a young Jewish mathematics whiz that lives with his Holocaust survivor grandmother and starts discovering the truth about her past and present life.

Within the first 60 seconds of the show you will see a jaw-dropping, very moving opening scene. This scene sets the tone for how this show balances the holocaust with its action components.

The series is inspired by a number of real Nazi hunters through the decades, but it is not meant to be a specific representation of any of them. It follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters led by Meyer offerman, a character played by Alfredo James Pacino.

Things get intense when they discover that Nazi war criminals are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. A parallel plot element is the discovery of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government operation relocating many German scientists (many of them Nazis) to the U.S.

Get some popcorn 🍿 and stay home.

Stay safe @Jews_Of_NY.



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