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Jews of NY that are doing good during a global pandemic!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We are so thrilled to see so many Jews of NY being part of of doing good.

Meet Morgane, born and raised in Israel, she has been living in New York City for the past 7 years.

Morgane is spending her time these past weeks volunteering at a COVID-19 testing facility. The tests are sent out to a lab to be processed, and about three days later, patients are called on the phone to be given their results. Volunteers are given PPE and are safe while administering tests, and the facility is walk/drive through and constantly working. She says of her experience that it seems like everything is under control, although still busy with patients coming in.

Her message to you all: “As a nation that went through persecution and fear, we are now at a crossroad - We either succumb to fear, take care only of ourselves and barely “survive” alone, or, we tap into our empathy - the part that understands disparity, help others - Jews or not - and prosper together. We are all one person with many names. Under one God(dess;) with many names. So help one another. Stop eating animals - it’s where all plagues originate from scientifically and spiritually - and actively build the world you wish to see after this”.

Morgane was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and served in the IDF for two years in a special combative unit. She works as an actress and a as a spiritual guid. She’s been acting in theaters and has studied acting throughout her childhood. She read countless English books and re-watched her favorite American classics, learning English relentlessly with the intention of one day coming to America to pursue an acting career. After her military service, she moved to Tel-Aviv and performed in TV and film as an actress, host and model. In 2013, Morgane got on a plane to NYC "just for a month" - and went on to win a full year's scholarship with an acting studio. She also produced a tour for @MoshBenAri, booking him to perform at the legendary @BBKingBluesNYC in NYC and @HowardTheater in Washington DC. As an actress, Morgane recently became S.A.G. eligible and appeared as a Day Player on Amazon Prime’s ‘God Friended Me’. As a spiritual teacher, she founded ‘The Existential Shift’ - a channel and movement with over 17K subscribers on Youtube and global clientele who she guides into manifesting their highest potentials. The Existential Shift can be followed mainly on YouTube (as well as Instagram and Twitter).

As an international “trilingual” Actress she speaks: English, Hebrew & Spanish. she is also a martial artist (Karate), host, producer, writer, Tarot reader, intuitive healer and Vlogger. @The_Existential_Shift


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