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Jews of NY that are doing good during a global pandemic!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We are happy to continue focusing on the positive things happening around us! Meet yet another wonderful Jew of NY that is doing good: Fashion Designer Lia Kes Carmi Berman the founder and head designer of KES NYC has shifted her production line and teamed up with Dr. Galit Sacajiu MD MPH to create face masks that would be both protective and desirable. They recently donated 10,000 masks to @montefiorehealthsystem as well as to The Homeless Coalition.

Lia was inspired to act because of a desire to take care of people and meet a need in the community. “Our face masks go along the lines of our brand, made locally, thoughtfully, sustainably, and functionally. They are offered from biodegradable materials that can be re-washed and re-used."

"Galit and I have been long time friends, and she called me to discuss designing face masks while I was already in the midst of creating a prototype," Kes said about their collaborative efforts on producing the masks. "Dr. Galit being in the medical field and having first-hand experience with the shortage of medical supplies in the face of this pandemic created more of a sense of urgency on getting the production started. We spent the time to come up with solutions on how to carefully design and structure the face mask."

Lia is a native of Kibbutz Afikim who grew up in an idealistic Israeli pioneering community in northern Israel. She received a degree in fashion design from @Shenkar_College in Tel Aviv and, soon after, relocated to New York City to launch her namesake collection. Kes’ designs reflect her upbringing, the realities of her current life and her vision for the future. KES is a sustainable high contemporary women's clothing line, designed and manufactured in NYC. Practicing eco-friendly, mindful production, recycling garments, biodegradable materials, and partnering with local dyers to create an organically dyed program. By creating clothes that are both eco-friendly and timeless, KES embed sustainability into the very core of the collection to ensure that each product is long-lasting and of the highest quality possible. KES has received enthusiastic reviews from some top international publications.


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