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This perfect for coronavirus season art installation is titled: “Wall To Wall Tubes"

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This breathtaking art installation is made out of the liquid found in cleaning products in different shades of color 🌈 This epic creation comes directly from Tel Aviv.

Meet @AvivGrinberg, an Israeli Artist who graduated from the prestigious Shenkar College with honors in 2017.

Grinberg was featured in a few major national and international publications with this stunning creation.

Click here to see what he told Mashable: I live in Neve Sha'anan, a rather neglected neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

On one of the days I was walking around the neighborhood I walked into a local grocery store while walking by the cleaning aisle I noticed the colors on the shelves remind me the color palette of my painting.

I took a few bottles and use them to fill up the tube installation.

Working with this material took me back to the days I spent serving in the IDF. I served as an IDF jail warden and we used cleaning materials on a daily basis.

I was in charge of 120 soldier-prisoners, one of the ways to keep the prisoners busy was through cleaning drills - we had at least three drills a day.

I also grew up in a home where cleaning was kind of an obsession and my past experiences inspired me in taking the cleaning materials out of a hidden mysterious place and put them on display. The art installation “Wall To Wall Tubes” (PVC pipes filled with cleaners) is displayed in Israel.

His body of work combines portraits and sculptural acts, using maintenance materials he finds near his home in Neve Shaanan. With these materials, Grinberg creates complex, large-scale installations that deal with different aspects of the act of cleaning. Grinberg was recently chosen as one of ‘@Forbes_Israel's 30 under 30’ most influential individuals.

Aviv answered our @Jews_of_NY quarantine questionnaire:

1. What does your quarantine schedule look like?

My partner and I chose to self-isolate in his parents' beautiful house from the first day #covid19

entered Israel. I spend most of the day working while my partner and his siblings get to spend time together and do whatever they want. They say they are jealous of me because I'm being productive and completely occupied with my work but i'm really jealous of them because they get to do whatever they want.

2. What’s your favorite spot in your apartment?

I organized a temporary work-desk in our sunny kitchen. A place for me to draw some sketches for new paintings. For me it's much more experimental and relaxing than working in my studio.

3. What’s your favorite quarantine binge food?

Every Passover we make our daily matzo-brei breakfast. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but I really enjoy this tradition when it starts, and also when it's over.

4. What are you binge watching?

These days I'm watching @The_Leftovers_HBO all over again. Very depressing series but also satisfying. And also @Unorthodox.Netflix starring my friend Amit Rahav and the wonderful @ShiraHaas.

5. How do you spend Shabbat?

On Shabbat I try not to work at all. We’re 9 people together in one house. Sometimes it feels like we're in summer camp since we’re having fun most of the time, playing Ping Pong and board games.

6. What has living through this coronavirus pandemic taught you?

These days reminded me of how rewarding intense and uninterrupted work can be. Time in the studio is precious, and I don’t have enough of it when life is normal.

7. What do you miss most from your pre-Coronavirus life?

I miss my city, Tel Aviv, having a beer outside with my friends. And of course visiting my grandma and my family.

8. What’s your favorite Jewish/ Yiddish word during this time and Why?

L'Chaim (cheers) for the huge amount of wine bottles we finished these days.

9. 3 IG pages that are successful with taking your mind of things:

@nivnissim81 My partner’s stories are really funny to watch. Most of them are him trying to prank or bother me. An online magazine and store that features Israeli Contemporary art. They have really great content.

@shenkar_college. I like staying up to date with what's happening at the college I graduated from.

Pic: @ganal


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