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We must all take a side and stand in solidarity with the African-American community against

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

the structural racism that exists in our nation.

📸: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Racial profiling, police brutality and the murdering of innocent people must stop!

This is hero New Yorker, Desiree Natalia (@dnbarnes), speaking to non African-American vandalizing-looters.

‎🎥: ‏@danladue

The hijacking of the legitimacy of these well needed protests, by people who are exploiting them to steal and vandalize will not deter us - anyone can see right through it.

Help fund the @northstarfundcampaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York VIA the link in our IG story.

East Flatbush Brooklyn NY 🎥: Mike Roda

LISTEN as the very emotional Curtis Hayes wisely explains: violence is NOT the answer!

🎥: Christina Black


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