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Peter Fox, Writer and Journalist

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Meet Peter Fox a writer from Wayne, NJ known for his brand of Jewish humor on Twitter. Among his 12,000 followers include Josh Malina from “The West Wing” and Monica Lewinsky who once tweeted a picture of a homemade challah at him.

His articles on Jewish culture and politics have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Advocate, Tablet Magazine, and The Forward.

Offline Peter has emerged as a prominent voice among New York’s young Jewish community (schlepping from NJ has been worth it). He helped organize an LGBTQ marching group for the 2018 Celebrate Israel Parade and served as a Fellow for @AWiderBridge, speaking at the inaugural DigiTell conference in Jerusalem. In 2018 he staffed his first Birthright trip to Israel and currently serves on the young leadership board of The American Jewish Committee.

His path to becoming actively Jewish was somewhat unexpected. He was active in @Drexel_Hillel and a brother of AEPi, but his Jewish curiosity peaked when he connected with his 14 year old Israeli cousin on Facebook in 2017 and started chatting daily. Having only met some of his Israeli family he made a trip later that year to celebrate Hanukkah in their city of Misgav (outside of Haifa). Since then his Israeli family has just felt like family— or “misphocha.”

More than anything, Peter views himself as a writer first and foremost. His 2014 short film, “A Taste of Fiction” featured rising star Deysha Nelson (God Friended Me) in her first acting role at the age of six. Now she’s one of the stars in the new Netflix movie Holiday Rush. It’s connections like this which Peter hopes to keep building through all of his work and passions.

What’s your favorite place in NY?

Central Park and Upper West Side feels most like home and I hope I can afford to live there one day.

What’s your favorite Jewish Holiday?

As a kid I loved sukkot. My Zaidey built a sukkah on his deck (which he also built) and would host these really elaborate BBQs. This year Yom Kippur was really cleansing for me, which perhaps is the biggest sign that I’m becoming an adult.

What’s your least favorite place in NY?

The L-Train. It’s the worst.

What do you love about NY?

The interconnectivity of people and culture. I love that you can leave work at 6 and find yourself spontaneously going to a concert or comedy show later that night. I don’t even live here and yet I’m still enjoying so much of what the city has to offer.

What is your favorite Yiddish word?

I have the phrase “let’s schmooze” on my business card, so that wins, hands down. It’s a much more playful than “chat.”

What do you love most about Judaism?

Being Jewish is kind of a metaphor for life. It’s a tribe that gives back 10x what you put in. To signal who you are proudly and publicly is a source of connection that makes me feel a stronger engagement with the world around me.

3 Jewish IG pages you recommend:

@JewishGirlProbs and @JewThings have been so generous in sharing my tweets and @JakeCohen hosts amazing shabbats which he captures intimately on his feed.

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